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Daniel Mayes
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Daniel Mayes Southern rock slightly reminiscent of the likes of Pantera with awesome vocal harmonies. The EP finishes all to quickly and you will be wanting more! Favorite track: Boneslide.
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released January 5, 2016

Shane Drake - Vocals
Spencer Davis - Guitar/Vox
Joe Baldasio - Lead Guitar
Justin Howlett - Bass
Larry Burke - Drums

Head Mixing/Mastering Engineer - Greg Dawson (BWC Studios)
Tracking Engineer - Greg Wright



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GUNR Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Boneslide
And if I'm gone tomorrow
At least I've lived a lifetime
I never regret a single mistake
That I make along the way
Life's too short to give a fuck
But that's just me

Oh, brother, yeah, I got me a woman
Scratching and bitching at me everyday
Called her a whore when I knew that I shouldn't
Just so I could watch her walking away

I can't take much more of this
The lies, the hate, the pain, the screaming
Just go away

You scared my heart and soul
And took away the light
Replaced it with the cold

I'll die to take this life back!

Every step I take in the right direction
You're a step ahead and I waste my time
I never thought that I'd loathe you
But you need to go away
Track Name: On Top
Goddamn this life of sorrow
Wish it all away
Don't come looking for sympathy
You won't get shit from me

Where has the night gone?
Another day's upon me

Another step towards the grave
Fuck it all, I'll drink this night away

Feeling hazy, feeling crazy
Don't know if I can contain myself
Bet your ass I'll throwdown
Makes me feel like I'm on top of the world
Like I'm on top of this world

Just call me the King

Where has the light gone?
In this kingdom of sorrow

Another step towards my grave
Fuck it all, I'll drink this night away

(I don't give a shit, I own this fuckin' place)

I feel unstoppable
Until I hit the ground
And break this fucking crown

I rule this place until I burn it down
And in ashes I live
And through sorrow I grow
I Will Grow!
Track Name: Loaded Gun
I get right back up on my feet

And I'll fight this world alone
Nowhere to call a home
But that don't break my heart

And I don't care if I make it
As long as I break free
Can't hold me, hold me down
I get back up

And now it's on
Don't play with a loaded gun
My finger's on the trigger
And I'll do what I got to

I won't burn out before I'm gone
I sing the same old song
But do no wrong
Track Name: Smile As My Disguise
A never ending battle
With this war inside my head
Can't take the night off
Or I'll end up dead

Can't even trust myself
So I live this life alone
And when I look in the mirror
I see myself as the enemy

A smile as my disguise
I let you in
To find the demons within

Back in the saddle
Can't believe what's been said
Another night like the last
And I'll pray to be dead

So I live this life alone
Demons Within Myself